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Filos original halloumi cheese PDO 150g

Halloumi cheese that comes from Cyprus is a very versatile cheese. It can be eaten as such with fresh fruit, salad or with wine. Halloumi can be grilled, fried and boiled, because it does not melt when heated. The cheese can be rinsed or soaked in cold water to reduce the salty taste.

Product information

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's, goat's and sheep's MILK, salt, dried mint, microbial rennet.

Allergens: Milk and products thereof (including lactose)

Country of origin: Cyprus

Nutritional values 100g
Energy 1312 kJ / 313 kcal
Fat 26 g
saturated fat 18 g
Carbohydrate 2 g
Sugars 2 g
Protein 19 g
Sodium 2,7 g
Lactose 2 g

Other information

Product code: FH308060

Pcs bar code: 6416710301407

Package bar code: 36416710301408

Quantity per package: 60 KPL

Net weight: 0,15 kg

Drained Weight: 0 g