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Filos halloumi fries PDO 250g

Halloumi cheese – the pearl of Cyprus and the pride of the islanders. Well known among cheese lovers all over the world and especially popular during the barbecue season. Filos halloumi fries are made of high-quality Filos halloumi cheese and pre-chopped into thick sticks that are easy to deep-fry in oil or roast in a pan. Halloumi does not melt and retains its shape when heated. Coat in wheat flour, egg and breadcrumbs or just in panko flour and serve them crispy. If you do not use egg for breading, moisten halloumi slightly with water before coating with panko.
Halloumi fries is a perfect treat for evening parties or for just about every meal. Dip in your favourite sauce and enjoy!

Product information

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow-, sheep and goatMILK, non-animal rennet, salt, dried mint.

Allergens: Milk and products thereof (including lactose)

Country of origin: Cyprus

Nutritional values 100g
Energy 1329 kJ / 320 kcal
Fat 24 g
saturated fat 15 g
Carbohydrate 1,4 g
Sugars 1,4 g
Protein 23 g
Sodium 2,4 g
Lactose 1,2 g

Other information

Product code: FH3052

Pcs bar code: 6416710301490

Package bar code: 16416710301497

Quantity per package: 10 KPL

Net weight: 0,25 kg

Drained Weight: 0 g


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