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Alpha Estate Rose Single Vineyard Hedgehog 0,75 L

Bright rose color, with salmon colour hints. Fruity nose with rich expression. rose petals and strawberries. Well balanced mouth, quite full, fat but balanced, reminding the nose aromas, with long aftertaste.
Well paired with local cuisine, roasted red peppers, stuffed tomatoes and peppers. Pasta in light tomato sauces, grilled salmon, crab cakes, spicy gazpacho soups, pizzas as well as with a great variety of Exotic cuisines, Chinese, Thai, Japanese.

Product information

Allergens: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites >10 mg/kg

Country of origin: Greece

Nutritional values 100g
Energy - kJ / - kcal
Fat - g
saturated fat - g
Carbohydrate - g
Sugars - g
Protein - g
Sodium - g

Other information

Product code: 5205243322901

Pcs bar code: 5205243322901

Package bar code: 15205243322908

Quantity per package: 6 KPL

Net weight: 0,744 kg

Drained Weight: 0 g