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KANAKI products include Fillo pastry and readymade traditional Greek pies like Spanakopita (a pie with spinach and cheese).

KANAKIS thin Fillo pastry sheets are made from premium quality flour. It is extremely flexible and can be shaped in many different forms. Once baked, KANAKI Fillo pastry becomes crispy and golden brown. Its delicate taste will enhance the taste of the filling you have chosen to envelop. You can use it successfully for savoury as well as for sweet pastry creations.

Traditional pies, like spanakopita and tyropita have always been an integral part of Greek Cuisine. There were pies for every occasion and any time of the year. KANAKI Fillo Pies are made with wholesome ingredients (Greek Cheeses, Mediterranean vegetables and herbs) and are easy to prepare. Travel for a moment back to Greece and enjoy a bit of Greek taste memories on your plate!