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The Boutari Company was established in 1879 in Naoussa. Today with over 130 years of experience in the wine business, it is one of the top wineries in Greece and an ambassador of Greek wine all over the world. Boutari wines are exported to over 45 countries and have won over 370 medals in international wine competitions. Boutari wine-makers give great emphasis to making quality wines with a distinct character that represents fully the potential of the variety they come from.

Boutari owns six wineries in Greece that are situated in some of the most important wine-making regions of Greece: Naoussa, Santorini, Peloponissos, Crete, Goumenissa, and Attica.  Through its wineries, Boutari Company played a crucial role in the preservation and modernization of viticulture in Greece, and in the evolution of Greek winemaking through the establishment of international winemaking techniques. Boutari winemakers have gained in-depth knowledge of the potential and the special characteristics of each region, by working with indigenous Greek but also with international grape varieties. Gavrielides Foods imports a wide selection of Boutari wines in Finland.