Authentic Greek Feta is a white cheese traditionally produced for centuries from fresh sheep’s and goat’s milk. Sheep’s and goat’s milk, a mixture richer than cow’s milk in calcium, vitamin B and proteins, is collected from animals grazing freely in the pastures of Central and Northern Greece.

The taste of sheep’s milk, as well as the valuable nutrients of authentic Greek Feta, is not altered by the use of modern production processes, as in case of "ultra filtration", a process used extensively in Northern Europe for the production of "feta type" white cheeses, made from cow’s milk.

The traditional method of production contributes to the characteristic full taste, natural aroma and pure white colour, properties which have established Feta over the centuries as a unique natural cheese of Greece. Feta is a P.D.O. cheese with international recognition.

Gavrielides Foods has authentic Feta in many kinds of forms and packages.

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